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Lhyfe becomes one of NEL's Solution partners, world leader in the manufacture of electrolysers

Parties signed a frame agreement for the deployment of 60MW of electrolysers

Nantes, April 29, 2020 - After an initial order placed in February, NEL, the world leader of electrolysers has selected Lhyfe as one of their Solution partners to deploy its products in Europe. The parties have entered in a frame agreement where Lhyfe the French producer and supplier of green hydrogen will deploy 20 NEL electrolysers, over the next 4 years. The framework agreement confirms the ambitions of the French hydrogen pure player, while the Norwegian sees a great opportunity for his products there. This partnership represents a new positive signal for the green hydrogen market, whose development is accelerating significantly.

A framework agreement for 20 electrolysers

In February, Lhyfe ordered its first electrolyser, from the Norwegian worldwide leader NEL hydrogen. In April, the two companies confirmed the operation and signed a framework agreement for the deployment of 20 additional electrolysers, which will be installed over the next 4 years.

These 21 electrolysers will enable Lhyfe to equip its production sites in France and abroad, in order to respond to the growing interest of communities and industries for green hydrogen. The first Nel electrolyser will equip the Lhyfe production site located in Bouin (Vendée, France). Lhyfe will supply its first kilograms of hydrogen in early 2021. They are initially intended for fleets of hydrogen-powered buses and household refuse trucks in the Western part of Fance.

The rapidly growing green hydrogen market

A global pioneer in its sector, Lhyfe is a producer and supplier of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is produced directly from renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, etc.). The company has designed an innovative industrial process significantly more efficient than existing solutions on the market. The solution is modular (it adapts to any type of renewable energy) and scalable to support the changing needs of the territories. Lhyfe systematically adapts its installations according to the specificities of each site.

Matthieu Guesné founder of Lhyfe: "We are delighted to have concluded this agreement with the leading electrolysers manufacturer worldwide. We are thus confirming our ambitions and our positioning as a pure player in green hydrogen, and are also gaining access to new projects, in France and abroad. This is a great signal for the industrial development of green hydrogen: the new energy paradigm is underway ... ".

For his part, Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel, expressed his enthusiasm for long-term prospects that remain positive in the hydrogen sector, despite the magnitude of the challenges associated with the health crisis.


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About Lhyfe: Created in 2017, Lhyfe is producer and supplier of 100% green hydrogen for mobility and industry. Its modular and scalable production units finally allow access to green hydrogen in industrial quantities, and to enter into a virtuous energy model with environmental benefit. Lhyfe has 15 employees and is a member of Hydrogen Europe. Lhyfe raised 8 million euros end of 2019 and laid the foundation stone of its first industrial site for the production of green hydrogen in 2020.

About Nel: Nel ASA serves industries, energy and gas companies with hyper modern hydrogen technology. Since its creation in 1927, Nel has distinguished itself in the development and continuous improvement of hydrogen factories. Their hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain, from hydrogen production technologies to the manufacture of hydrogen refueling stations, providing electric fuel cell vehicles with the same rapid refueling and autonomy as classic vehicles.


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